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Flight Talk with Jeff and Dave 

Jeffrey Thomas and Dave Moore, SR’s veteran flight safety experts, host the podcast “Flight Talk,” featuring lively conversations and lessons learned from their decades of experience as pilots and air safety instructors. With a mix of keen insight and humor, they share first-hand stories and historic lore that will engage aviators, aircrew, and student pilots – military and civilian alike – and may help prevent flight mishaps.

Since 2016, SR has provided flight safety training, data analysis, and technical support for the Air National Guard. It’s one of the many ways we strive to improve flight safety and remain a valuable partner to the airmen we serve.


Jeffrey Thomas

After entering the United States Air Force (USAF) in 1982, Jeff earned invaluable flight knowledge and experience serving as a T-38 pilot and T-37 instructor. He also served in several USAF safety positions, including Chief of Flight Safety for Pacific Air Forces, and acquired more than 30 years of mishap investigation experience. As an aircraft accident investigation instructor, Jeff taught investigation protocols to more than 500 students globally. He currently serves as an aviation safety advisor to the Air National Guard.

Dave Moore

In 1971, Dave entered the USAF and began his tenure as a pilot, flying T-29, C-123K, C-130E, and C-5 aircraft, as well as various civilian aircraft, for almost 30 years. Dave gained critical flight safety expertise during his service at Westover Air Reserve Base, where he held the position of the Chief of Wing Safety for seven years, until his retirement from the USAF. Following his retirement, Dave served as an aviation safety advisor to the Air Force Reserve Command and the Air National Guard. 



Meet Our Hosts

This special episode, hosted by Ted Canova, takes a deeper dive into the flying and safety backgrounds of Jeff Thomas and Dave Moore. With decades of experience as pilots and safety professionals, Jeff and Dave share useful, relevant insights that will appeal to anyone interested in aviation. Topics range from why they chose careers in aviation, to the evolution of flight safety training, and even some of the most dramatic changes they have experienced in flight safety. 


Bird and Wildlife Strikes

Bird strikes, or collisions between aircraft and an airborne animal, are something that almost every airman has experienced. Jeff and Dave discuss how the USAF has historically dealt with bird strikes and suggest airfield management techniques that can reduce bird hazards on the airfield. They also share their own experiences with bird mishaps and revisit the infamous US Airways Hudson River incident.


Even if You’re Sure, Double Check

“You can never be too careful.” In this episode, Dave relates stories of when double-checking before taking flight has saved his life and the lives of others. Jeff discusses planned decision making and recounts situations in which decisions were made for him. 

Man in uniform looking at plane engine


Complacency in Flight

When it comes to aviation, complacency is one of the greatest threats to safety. Jeff shares examples of complacency before and during flights and the dangers complacency has posed to him and his students. Dave discusses the role fatigue plays in complacency and the importance of staying alert.


The Grave Danger of Bird and Wildlife Strikes (BASH Program)

As a follow-up to Episode 1, Jeff and Dave share more of the history around bird and wildlife strikes and discuss the Bird/Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) Program as one solution.

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Communicate or Crash

Aviate, navigate, and communicate—in that order. Jeff and Dave share personal examples of the importance of communication, examine how aviation communication techniques have evolved over time, and analyze some of the infamous tragedies caused by miscommunication.

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Aviation in the Winter

Flying in the winter poses additional challenges. Jeff and Dave share anecdotes about the dangers of winter weather, including Dave’s near disaster as a young pilot, when he took off in an aircraft that had ice on its fuselage. They detail how improper de-icing reduces a pilot’s margin of safety, and how to handle other winter hazards.

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